• What is Crowd Funding?

    Crowd Funding is an innovative way to fund creative campaigns and help people to live their dream. The concept plays on the belief that not many people can cut a large cheque for your campaign, but they can contribute in smaller amounts. Crowdfunding is a form of alternative finance, which has emerged outside of the traditional financial system.

  • How does it works?

    The Crowd Funding model is based on three types of actors; the Campaign initiator 'Campaigner' who proposes the idea or need to be funded; individuals or groups 'Contributor' who support the need by contributions; and a moderating organization 'Moderator' that brings the parties together on same platform.

  • Why Rightneed?

    Rightneed is the Crowd Funding Platform designed by Thinkwide team for supporting monetary needs of society or individuals. It has user friendly platform which eases out Camapigners to create campaign on their own and also makes Contributors to choose the right need and contribute in shorter time. Rightneed team supports the Campaigners to build effective campaigns and for Contributors it provides access to multiple campaigns under different categories. Its user friendly platform. Start experiencing!